What is a financial coach?

Differing from a financial adviser who would advise you in taking the money you have built and use it to grow more. I am the one who helps you grow that money in the first place. I help you to establish clear goals, implement systems, focus, grow and improve decision making processes so that you can master wealth building skills for life.

Which package suits you best?

1 Hour Finance Coaching Session


For those who need just an hour to go over their current situation and work out the next step…

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1 Hour Finance Coaching $222

Do you feel like you make decent income but you don’t seem to have anything to show for it? Are you still living paycheque to paycheque or drowning in debt?

Discover where your finances currently stand and learn what steps to take next. Take back control today! Invest in a one hour online session for $222.

Topic is open to you…

Want help customising YNAB specifically to your needs? Let’s do it!
Have some money mindset stories you want to work through? No worries.

Just want to find out the next step to take? I can help.


"Start Up" or "Sales Planning" Package


Whether you are a new or soon-to-be business owner or you have been around a while but need to map out your business or sales plan.

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Free Introductory Call

Do you need help “running the numbers” to conduct a break-even analysis and ensure you have a viable and profitable business?

  • 90 minute online call
  • Financial business and sales plan report
  • Profit First core chapters
  • Profit First percentages and implementation advice

Money Confidence Academy

$747 early bird price - Buy 9 months get 12 months access

Join my group membership for a fraction of the price of working 1:1 and surround yourself with the extra support of a community. A self-paced online money management course that suits living with unpredictable income.

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Early Bird Special $747

Tired of just ‘surviving’ on your unpredictable income and struggle with debt? Wish you knew how to break the cycle of paying off the past, so you can enjoy the present and start looking after your future instead?

The Money Confidence Academy by Laurie Griggs is just the answer for you! You get to work through the foundations of your finance systems along side a supportive community. Together we can work through mindset, accountability and learn the tools and strategies that help you level up your finances.

In this program you will learn:-

  • How to save more money
  • Your best strategy to eliminate your past debts
  • Systems you can put in place to escape the paycheque to paycheque cycle
  • Business Budgeting
  • How to create (and stick to) your own personal budget


  • Personal Finance Fundamentals Course including videos, worksheets and accountability tasks.
  • Profit First Business Fundamentals Course
  • Monthly workshops with live Q&A
  • Access to previous masterclass recordings
  • Supportive Facebook community

Join me at early bird price of $747 to receive 12 months assess to the Money Confidence Academy for the price of 9.

Early Bird registration closes at 9pm Wednesday, 28th February with prices going up to $995 upfront for a full year access. Payment plan available for $97/month.

First modules unlock 5th March. First workshop is scheduled for Thursday, 15th March at 7pm AEST.

Mini Business Finance Systems Package

$595 for 6 months upfront or $111/month

Perfect for a growing business who need to get their business cashflow systems organised and increase profits.

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Free Introductory Call

Package Includes:

  • Profitability assessment report
  • 45min kick-off meeting
  • x2 additional 30 min check in/ accountability calls
  • quarterly 30 minute strategic sessions
  • Profit First transfers & allocation systems
  • Access to Profit First University
  • Profit First core chapters
  • unlimited email support with up to 72 hour response time
  • Discounted additional 1:1 appointments at $167/hour


Business AND Personal Finance Transformation Package

$929 upfront for 3 months or 3 monthly payments of $333

The hardest part of managing our personal finances as a business owner is by far, the unpredictable nature of our income…

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Free Introductory Call

I will have you feeling confident knowing how much you need to put away for bigger expenses, enjoying some fun stuff, plus ensure you are achieving the bigger picture at the end of the day and setting yourself up with financial security for the future.

Let me take your hand and support you as we journey together.


  • x6 Fortnightly online accountability calls
  • Business profit health check and benchmark
  • Household finance analysis
  • Goal mapping
  • Aggressive debt reduction strategies
  • Business cash management system implementation
  • Suitable personal budget management techniques & systems
  • Software training & customisation if applicable
  • Quarterly re-assessment and strategy sessions
  • unlimited email support


$1000 plus travel costs

Perfect if you are short on time and want to get your personal and business finances sorted in just one dedicated day.

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Free Introductory Call

This package can only be booked after we have first had an introductory call together.

My VIP day can be conducted online via Zoom or Skype or arranged as a face to face session.

Before the big day I have a worksheet for you to complete and reports to be provided so I can crunch some numbers for you and begin the session with a report and overview of where you are currently at.

Then we work together to find where you would like to go by listing your dreams and turning them into achievable and realistic goals.

Next is the strategy session. Here I share tools and systems you can use to help you along the way to achieving those goals and dreams.

Before we finish up I will leave you with some action steps for you to take and help you implement all you have learned to your own business, life and situation.

The VIP Day is $1000 with any travel and accomodation costs extra.

None of these packages quite suiting your needs? I am more than happy to create a custom package to suit your business and/or personal circumstances.

It all starts with a call…

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Free Introductory Call

Please note: I am not a tax agent, financial planner or financial adviser. I also do not give general or personal advice on financial products. Clients who are ready for investing or who need life insurance and superannuation products are referred to a Licensed Financial Advisor.