What is a financial coach?

Differing from a financial adviser who would advise you in taking the money you have built and use it to grow more. I am the one who helps you grow that money in the first place. I help you to establish clear goals, implement systems, focus, grow and improve decision making processes so that you can master wealth building skills for life.

Which package suits you best?

Finance Systems Audit


For when you feel like money is leaking from invisible holes in your business.

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Finance Systems Audit

Is a lack of organisation and systems in your business and personal finances, energetically disrupting your flow and ability to increase your income?

Is it time to find and plug the holes so you can finally level up?

Together we will find and address your biggest financial pain points and prescribe the right tool, system or plan to help you implement and improve your financial procedures.

Money Confidence Academy

$795 12 Month Membership or $85 per Month

Enjoy a money transformation by embracing both personal and business finance strategies, systems, mindset and support through my online Money Confidence Academy.

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Money Confidence Academy

Tired of just ‘surviving’ on your unpredictable income and struggle with debt? Wish you knew how to break the cycle of paying off the past, so you can enjoy the present and start looking after your future instead?

You will find a new confidence in your unpredictable income, knowing you have money in your bank waiting for your bills to arrive.

A realistic and achievable plan for your goals and dreams.

Cashflow systems to handle the extreme ups and downs of business income without stress.

In this program you will learn:-

  • How to save more money
  • Your best strategy to eliminate your past debts
  • Systems you can put in place to escape the paycheque to paycheque cycle
  • Business Budgeting
  • How to create (and stick to) your own personal budget


  • 8 Personal Finance Modules
  • 10 Profit First Business Fundamentals Modules
  • x2 Monthly live workshops with Q&A
  • Access to previous masterclass recordings
  • Supportive Facebook community


Business Cashflow Package


Perfect for a growing business who need to get their business cashflow systems organised and increase profits.

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Free Introductory Call

Package Includes:

  • Profitability assessment report
  • x1 60min kick-off meeting
  • x4 additional 30 min check in/ accountability calls
  • x1 quarterly 45 minute strategic session
  • Profit First transfers & allocation systems
  • Access to Profit First University
  • Profit First core chapters
  • Unlimited email support

CEO Transformation Package

$1300 upfront or $475 x3 months

The hardest part of managing our finances as a business owner is by far, the unpredictable nature of our income…

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Free Introductory Call

I will have you feeling confident to step up and take control of your business finances, ensure you can meet your obligations without stress or worry, and put in place systems to increase profits quickly.


  • x6 Fortnightly online accountability calls
  • Business profitability and benchmark assessment
  • Household wage analysis
  • Income goal mapping
  • Aggressive debt reduction strategies
  • Business cash management system implementation
  • Suitable personal budget management techniques & systems
  • Software training & customisation if applicable
  • Quarterly re-assessment and strategy sessions
  • Unlimited email support

12 Month Strategic Financial Package

$2999 upfront or $999 deposit and $222 x11 months

This is a three phase 12 month package designed to collaborate together to increase profits through set up and refinement of financial cashflow systems, tracking numbers for strategic direction and leverage your role as the owner of your business to run as efficiently as possible.


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Free Introductory Call

Phase 1: Full Evaluation

Business profitability assessment and benchmark report

Financial systems audit consultation

Phase 2: Roll Out Plan

After completing the Full Evaluation, I will deliver a customized Profit First Roll Out Plan for your business. The plan specifies the necessary steps to successfully implement Profit First in your business. The plan includes initial account setup, advanced account setup, allocation percentages, allocation dynamics and more.

Phase 3: 12 Month Implementation and Accountability

After delivering the Profit First Roll Out Plan, I will work with you hand-in-hand to properly implement Profit First in your business. Your report will be delivered and thoroughly reviewed with you, one-on-one.

I will keep you accountable every month. We will also work together over the next four quarters (an entire year) to to determine a quarterly strategic direction and make sure you are sticking with the plan, dynamically adjusting to outside influences, and maximizing your profits.

I will provide instructions and support to your current financial team so they can fully understand Profit First and support you accordingly.

Ensure you have a realistic and achievable plan for your business to achieve the life goals and dreams and continue moving your finances in the right direction.

Implement cashflow systems to handle the extreme ups and downs of business income without stress and worry.

Let’s do this!


$1000 plus travel costs

Perfect if you are short on time and want to get your personal and business finances sorted in just one dedicated day.

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Free Introductory Call

This package can only be booked after we have first had an introductory call together.

My VIP day can be conducted online via Zoom or Skype or arranged as a face to face session.

Before the big day I have a worksheet for you to complete and reports to be provided so I can crunch some numbers for you and begin the session with a report and overview of where you are currently at.

Then we work together to find where you would like to go by listing your dreams and turning them into achievable and realistic goals.

Next is the strategy session. Here I share tools and systems you can use to help you along the way to achieving those goals and dreams.

Before we finish up I will leave you with some action steps for you to take and help you implement all you have learned to your own business, life and situation.

The VIP Day is $1000 with any travel and accomodation costs extra.

None of these packages quite suiting your needs? I am more than happy to create a custom package to suit your business and/or personal circumstances.

It all starts with a call…

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Please note: I am not a tax agent, financial planner or financial adviser. I also do not give general or personal advice on financial products. Clients who are ready for investing or who need life insurance and superannuation products are referred to a Licensed Financial Advisor.