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Take the “3 days… 1 time use” challenge

Are you finding you just don’t seem to quite have enough discipline to break the paycheque to paycheque cycle?

You kinda know you’ve let a couple of little bad habits creep in, like that daily Starbucks coffee and the burger from the corner shop for lunch… Harmless right?

Sometimes it IS the little things that matter.

How about joining me in a 1 month challenge in June and see what additional benefits you find?

Your mission should you choose to accept it:

Anything which is only used for a 1 time use, put it off for 3 days.

Finding on Monday you have a McDonalds craving? (one time use right?) Put it off until Thursday and enjoy, guilt free! Who knows, the craving might have left by Thursday and you save your waistline as well!

Need a roll of toilet paper? No worries, that’s more than a 1 time use, you might even have enough saved now to reap the rewards of buying in bulk!

About to grab a bottle of water from the shops ‘cos your really thirsty right now? Well you can’t really put thirst off for 3 days but how about buying a reusable filtering bottle instead and enjoy filtered water for a lot longer than just 1 bottle could satisfy you for.

Come over to my Facebook Page, let me know your in, and report your wins in the pinned thread so we can celebrate and support each other together. (Feel free to like and follow my page at the same time!)