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Find budgeting too hard with unpredictable income?

Stop feeling stressed or anxious over your finances.

Let us show you how.

Where it all began...

Over ten years ago my husband and I took a big leap to start our own business. He’s the creative professional and I managed the finances.

We quickly realised how directly our business cashflow affected our household budget.

Life can be unpredictable, and so can income when you’re self employed. So we explored and experimented the best methods to avoid the roller coaster of cashflow.

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Hi, I'm Laurie

Numbers are my hobby.

Because I know not everyone has years of financial experience – or a palpable excitement for bank reconciliations and spreadsheets – I started Budget Beyond.

To help entrepreneurs take control of their household finances, break the paycheque-to-paycheque cycle and stop depending on a credit card.

Without feeling overwhelmed or left to navigate complex accounting systems alone.

So you can get on with doing what you do best in your business, without the anxiety of stressed personal finances.

I’m a certified Profit First Professional too.

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How can we help you?

We offer an online course with a supportive community, finance analysis and strategy or even just an introductory call.

Please note: I am not a tax agent, financial planner or financial adviser. I also do not give general or personal advice on financial products. Clients who are ready for investing or who need life insurance and superannuation products are referred to a Licensed Financial Advisor.


“I’ve been working with Laurie for a few months now and in that time she has gently, yet persistently pointed me again and again, to a greater awareness of my own behaviour around money. In my opinion a financial coach can genuinely help us in two ways; by teaching us about the numbers and percentages that make up our personal and business life, and by pointing out where we are getting in our own way. Laurie does both. And whilst one can gain the former (improved financial literacy) through reading any number of books, the latter can only be gained through the honest reflection of another human who can see you, and cares enough to tell you where you’re messing things up, and… how to do it better. I’m grateful to have Laurie in my corner, as my teacher and truth teller.”

Caroline Southwell – Creator of the ‘My Life, My Way’ Method


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Otherwise you can email me at laurie@budgetbeyond.com.au or by filling the contact form below.