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30 Family Dinner Ideas

Healthy Meal Planning on a Budget

I first discovered meal planning from a very organised family friend who has six kids. Her method was simple, she wrote each night’s dinner for the week up on a white board on the fridge… Wow did that blow my teenage mind! I promised myself this was one system I would put into practice as soon as I was married myself…

This meant saving on time trying to decide what to have for dinner that night. I could be pre-organised and have all the ingredients needed ready to go in my weekly shop and the best part was no wasting money on ingredients I didn’t need. Plus when planning bulk meals (eg double batch of bolognese 1/2 for spaghetti then freezing left overs to make lasagne or jacket spuds another night) and using up left overs from cupboards or the freezer I was finding even more ways to stretch the dollar.

Budget Coach Meal PlannerHere is a month worth of family meal suggestions to help get your own meal planning ideas started, but use your diary too so you can plan for easy meals on busy days.

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