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10 Kids holiday activities that won’t break the budget!

Holiday Time! Do you set a budget category for school holidays? If you have’t this time, make a plan for the next round of holidays. In the mean time check out these ideas for having fun with the kids that won’t cost an arm and a leg…

  1. Visit the library! Not only to borrow some books but also family friendly DVDs. Price $0. Quite often during the holidays local libraries organise activities for the kids too, check out your local library website for times and dates.
  2. The local museum! During the school holidays museums often create kid friendly activities with fun in mind! Plus its educational at the same time. Our local museum have kids passes for only $10, we make an effort to visit once every school holidays.
  3. Are you lucky enough to live near the beach? Cheap day out… Unfortunately we are not, however there are local dams and camping spots with creeks which give a full day of fun for the kids, any safe body of water should do… Don’t for get to Slip, Slop, Slap.
  4. Meet up with other school mums at a local playground or park, bring a picnic and the footy. Not a cent need be spent.
  5. Every holidays we have a cinema treat. Don’t pay full price! If you are taking advantage of cheap Tuesday make sure to book ahead as they fill up quickly, however there are other ways to get tickets just as cheap. Telstra and RACQ/RACV/RAA etc currently supply $12.50 standard tickets. Or save your Fly Buys rewards for movie tickets.
  6. Sleep overs! It doesn’t matter if you have boys or girls, they all enjoy a sleep over with their mates. Pinterest have some awesome activity ideas for sleepovers. As long as there is food and imagination… they tend to entertain themselves.
  7. Go for a hike! This one is probably for the older kids. Be prepared with food, water, maps, compass and first aid. Tell someone where you are going and check with your local information centre for safe trails. Set a theme to inspire imagination such as “explorers”, bird watching or “lost in the forest/ find some bush tucker”.
  8. Movie Night! Introduce your kids to a ‘classic’ movie from your own childhood… Include all the bells an whistles of staying up late, home made snack food, bean bags and lights out. (We recently went through all the ‘karate kid’ movies and visited the never-ending story)
  9. The Lego Challenge! Check out this pin for a 30 day lego challenge… Hubby often tells me of the memories he has  playing lego with this brothers all holidays and building massive lego worlds… I too loved to create houses out of Lego and not have to pack it up for the whole 2 weeks!
  10. Baking Day.  I loooooved learning to bake as a kid… the main highlight was of course licking the bowl at the end… raw eggs and all!  😱 Take the time to teach them about kitchen prep, kitchen safety, cleaning up and how to use measurements. Baking cakes and cookies was a life skill which carried me through my teenage years of Saturday boredom and beyond. Even toddlers can help crack an egg into a seperate bowl, you can always scoop out the shell after. My boys love to decorate gingerbread shapes with coloured icing. Plus, if you make a big batch of cookies, you’ll have lunch snacks ready to go for when school returns.

If you have any questions or you have more great ideas to share please pop over to my Facebook page and comment in THIS post to continue the conversation.